The most unforgettable massage in your life is an erotic massage in the Erotic Time salon.

If you are a resident of Kiev and have long wanted to relax a bit, diversify your usual vacation and get unforgettable pleasure after hard days, then you should definitely do this, because everyone needs unloading. This type of relaxation, such as erotic massage, will perfectly help you. You can either sign up for a second procedure to us, or come for the first time and plunge into paradise pleasure with us.

Erotic massage with departure to the client is an ideal opportunity to relax and get sensual pleasures

erotic massage with departure to the clientThe time of stress and passion, which is what our days are, does not pass without a trace for young people, as well as for those who already have the experience of past years. And if you get the feeling that your life force is running out – you do not need to postpone it, you urgently need to give your body the opportunity to relax.








Classic massage, the main types and benefits of traditional techniques

classical massageClassic massage is one of the most effective procedures for improving the whole body. Massage technique combined with a professional approach not only heals the body, but also acts as a prevention of certain diseases. To achieve a positive result, you need to take into account some features of the physiotherapy method.








Exciting Aqua foam erotic massage-continuous pleasure and relaxation

Aqua foam erotic massageFor many men, taking a hot tub with a girl is associated with visual and sensual pleasure. Exciting aquapark erotic massage will give you the opportunity to enjoy a foam Jacuzzi and the company of a beautiful masseuse who will help you relax and relieve tension.









I want to share my most intimate impression, which will always remain in my life. Her name was Anna K. (at the request of the girl, I do not publish personal information). And believe me, even now, when so many years have passed since that day (night), I can safely call her the goddess of love. No, maybe not even love. It would be more correct to say-the patroness of passion and unearthly pleasures... Well, let's go in order.