One day in the erotic massage salon, or as it was…

I want to share my most intimate impression, which will always remain in my life. Her name was Anna K. (at the request of the girl, I do not publish personal information). And believe me, even now, when so many years have passed since that day (night), I can safely call her the goddess of love. No, maybe not even love. It would be more correct to say-the patroness of passion and unearthly pleasures... Well, let's go in order.

In the erotic massage salonThat cold winter day, three fifth-year students decided to have a real holiday. No, there was no special reason – just Friday night, and we were given a scholarship and a salary in one day (we all worked part – time at a construction site-it is very important for an architect to understand all engineering research). Well, there's not much money, but there is. And I want adventure! But what if all groupmates are already rather tired, and it is very, very problematic to bring girls "from the outside" to the hostel? And then Kostya (the main ringleader in our company) drew our attention to an interesting ad on the Internet – "erotic massage-plunge into a fairy tale", in my opinion, somehow it was written.

The voice, warmth, touch…

In General, everything went standard at first. On the other end of the line, they said that you called the erotic massage salon, and customers are always welcome there if they have something to pay for. Given the fact that we had funds at that time, none of our company members found an explanation for why not experience new sensations. No sooner said than done. And here we are at the door of this institution. We paid at the reception, and then everyone went to a separate room. We thought that we were going to the most ordinary brothel, where everyone will choose a girl for leisure and everything, but then everything turned out to be completely different.

At first, you will not believe it, I found myself in an empty room-with exclusive furnishings, aroma lamps and other interior elements. I knocked over a glass of cognac, took a shower, and when I came out, she was already on the snow-white bed... From that moment I had many women – both for love and for money, but I never met such beauty again. And hardly a meeting, because Anyuta was the epitome of beauty!

At first, we just talked – contrary to my expectations, Anna turned out to be a very literate and well-read girl, with whom even an intellectual like me was interested. After a heart-to-heart conversation, we started the massage procedure. It was massage-the girl knew this art perfectly, so the only thing I could do was to get unearthly pleasure from the manipulation of my body! By the way, the main difference between erotic massage and regular massage is that in the first case, the masseuse works with the whole body (naked), lying on her client. We must pay tribute to Anyuta – she did it wonderfully! After the massage, we drank a little more, talked... and madly wanted each other! It's hard to call everything that followed a passion – it was a real ecstasy! Unearthly pleasure!